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Oreon’s skilled enterprise web application developers can transform not only how your online presence looks to users, but also how it operates

Enterprise Web Application Development services to boost your business
Whether you’re looking for a high-end web portal which provides customers with a fast, seamless and intuitive service or want a SaaS platform that offers premium products that your audience can depend on to deliver, our web app development solution could enable you to achieve your aims.

The key enterprise web development solutions we focus on

We know there is always room for improvement when it comes to delivering products and services more effectively and efficiently. From ensuring that your organisation is performing optimally through to cutting costs, improving customer care, increasing capacity and resolving logistical issues, the right software can transform how you work. From fleet management to data collection, SaaS business assistance and more, here at Oreon, we give organisations the tools they need to move forward and thrive.

Incorporating work on databases, front end, back end and infrastructure parts of the application, we aim to offer a complete solution that covers every stage of the development project process. From initial conceptualisation through to design, planning, creation, testing, refining, installing and maintaining, our team can get the job done to an exceptionally high standard. Every piece of work that we do is unique, and tailored to the requirements of the customer. We are able to tackle both straight-forward projects and extremely complex, challenging problems which require an exceptional degree of creativity and “thinking outside the box”.

Why choose Oreon?

We offer rapid prototyping, effective management and high levels of productivity in all work we complete — no need for long lead times, meeting after meeting or strained communication. Streamlined is what we do, and that’s precisely what we offer.
Value for money
Our highly skilled and experienced team is dedicated to ensuring your customers enjoy a high-grade, seamless service whether they access you from their phone, tablet, desktop or laptop while saving you money. Ultimately, we provide the very best value in everything that we do.
We utilise the principles of Agile methodology in our development cycles, enabling us to go with the flow and be highly flexible when it comes to the challenges, risks and changing requirements that might come our way.
When you choose us for your enterprise web development project, you will be benefiting from the services of a formidable team of more than 100 well-qualified web developers. With nearly a decade of successful web development experience under our belts, you'll also benefit from expertise in the full life-cycle of web application development, including analysis, design, development, quality assurance (QA), maintenance and support.
Project Managemement
To ensure the web development process is as smooth and transparent as possible, we build your workflow using modern and efficient methodologies, allowing for better visualisation of your project, faster evaluations of your performance, and easy project tracking. You'll also benefit from effective cooperation between your business and developers and a quicker response to changes.

Take the first steps towards a more innovative enterprise web application


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      1. Requirements and Project Analysis
      We complete a full, in-depth audit of your company's processes, systems and needs, developing a comprehensive bespoke development plan to facilitate positive change.
    • Architecture and UI/UX design
      2. Architecture prototyping and UX/UI design
      Our focus is always on providing quality software solutions that are designed with the end-user in mind. Easily navigable and responsive on all devices, our bespoke software prototypes are carefully designed for optimal results.
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      3. Front-end and back-end development
      Dedicated to offering high-end, technically advanced solutions, our range includes Java EE, .NET, Python, Node.js, PHP/Laravel, and a variety of frontend technologies like React.js and Angular.
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      4. QA, software testing and CI/CD
      We put QA at the heart of what we do! With QA systems in place at every stage, as well as a dedicated QA team, we use rigorous testing and review to ensure optimal results.