Bespoke Software Development Solutions

Bespoke Software Development Solutions for Your Business

Software designed with a difference, entirely bespoke to you

Oreon specialises in the creation of high-end, custom and bespoke software development, completed in-house to exceptional standards. There’s no better team to put your trust in than us.

bespoke software development Services for custom business needs
There are many reasons why you may be considering bespoke software, from creating core systems to support operations to developing custom platforms for a range of different industries. Our qualified, trained, and professional in-house team of bespoke developers are the perfect match for your business. With our expertise and industry knowledge, we can create something truly bespoke and exceptional. From finance and insurance to manufacturing and retail, we take every step of the development cycle seriously to provide optimal results you’ll love.


What OREON can offer you

What sets Oreon apart from our competition? Here are just some of the reasons our customers choose us:

We offer rapid prototyping, effective management and high levels of productivity in all work we complete — no need for long lead times, meeting after meeting or strained communication. Streamlined is what we do, and that’s precisely what we offer.
Our world-class development team is equipped with the qualifications, skill and know-how to achieve amazing things whatever your plans. Our years of experience in the industry only serve to improve the quality and standard of our work, which our many happy customers will attest to.
We utilise the principles of Agile methodology in our development cycles, enabling us to go with the flow and be highly flexible when it comes to the challenges, risks and changing requirements that might come our way.
As experienced and qualified developers, we’re equipped with the latest industry knowledge and honed skills to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for our custom software services. We work across many programming languages and with many tools to offer as broad a skill set as possible.
We believe in creating software that lasts. That’s why our architecture is designed to be future-proof and implements the latest technologies to ensure your custom software is as good today as it is in five years' time.


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      1. Requirements and Project Analysis
      We complete a full, in-depth audit of your company's processes, systems and needs, developing a comprehensive bespoke development plan to facilitate positive change.
    • Architecture and UI/UX design
      2. Architecture prototyping and UX/UI design
      Our focus is always on providing quality software solutions that are designed with the end-user in mind. Easily navigable and responsive on all devices, our bespoke software prototypes are carefully designed for optimal results.
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      3. Front-end and back-end development
      Dedicated to offering high-end, technically advanced solutions, our range includes Java EE, .NET, Python, Node.js, PHP/Laravel, and a variety of frontend technologies like React.js and Angular.
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      4. QA, software testing and CI/CD
      We put QA at the heart of what we do! With QA systems in place at every stage, as well as a dedicated QA team, we use rigorous testing and review to ensure optimal results.