Performance Optimisation Service designed to optimise business continuity

Enhance productivity and resolve performance issues swiftly

Struggling with slow databases, applications or servers? Performance optimisation Service by Oreon is precisely the service you need

Restore your business practices to full power

For companies with technology that is struggling to keep up with demand, performance optimisation is the ideal choice. Our dedicated team of optimisation experts works with your existing solutions to restore your business to full power, using high-end optimisation methods to enhance performance on a range of different workplace functionalities and tools.

Streamline processes to improve performance

There are many causes of performance issues within businesses. Our unique insight and innovative approach to optimisation allow us to provide expert solutions that really work. No stock information, no generic guidance – performance solving that’s tailored for the risks, challenges and needs for your business is what we deal with. Custom support, with no exception.

Boost your business performance with expert optimisation

Database performance issues

Using our crucial analysis skills and high-end industry knowledge, our team can quickly diagnose and discover issues within your database that may be reducing performance — or even causing more severe problems to your business practices. We work with you to connect with your database and discover the root of performance issues, allowing us to provide fixes that really work. Troubleshooting, expert insight and professional problem-solving are all part of the Oreon package.

Server performance issues

Server performance issues can cause significant slowdown for day-to-day operations if not solved efficiently. That’s exactly what we provide at Oreon, using our analytical knowledge to find the core reason for server performance problems and restoring your system to full working order. Our efficient, practical and transparent process will never leave you in the dark. With these results, you’ll soon see why we’re the number one choice for performance optimisation for our customers.

Software related performance issues

Old frameworks, un-updated applications and outdated problems can quickly lead to applications having severe performance issues. For business-focused applications, these issues can quickly lead to frustration and even lost data, slowing down your business significantly. At Oreon, our trained optimisation team are ready and waiting to resolve all performance issues, allowing for the flawless running of essential technology.

A secure service you can trust

At Oreon, we understand the sensitivity and concern that comes with optimisation. That’s why we believe in a completely transparent and secure process that allows your company data to remain safe and your systems uncompromised. Customer happiness is at the core of our business practices, and our performance optimisation services are no different.

Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

APM refers to the monitoring and inspection of applications’ performance to assure a high level of SLA by measuring the performance metrics and user experience benchmarks. Application Performance monitoring tools aim to detect and identify performance bottlenecks. Oreon is the expert in finding the performance bottlenecks of your application and suggesting resolutions to these issues.


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