Remote Dedicated Team as a service

Highly skilled Dedicated Teams or Resources

Oreon will help setting up a talented software outsourcing team for development and get instant access to the top talents to be found globally within much more reasonable rates.

Remote Dedicated Team As A Service

Oreon provides remote dedicated teams as a service to extend or substitute your development needs with highly qualified developers, architects, DevOps and project managers with proven experience in creating architecture, as well as building complete solutions, deploying to production, and performing operations management. All of our remote team members are highly proficient and experienced with degrees in computer science or math. Our dedicated teams provide the knowledge, skill set and expertise that are already gathered. No more learning by doing, transfer the knowledge and expertise you need.


Remote Skill as additional Resource

A highly skilled specialist concentrated on a requisite field, working alone or complementing your existing team.

Dedicated Team or Teams

A custom team containing 2–5 professionals to support the development process or maintain an ongoing project.

Dedicated Team+Lead

A dedicated team managed by a team lead to boost full efficiency and take responsibility for the entire project—from just the idea to an MVP.


A large pool of Talent, knowledge and expertise.

Access To A Highly Skilled Pool Of global Resources For Quick Turnarounds And POCs. Oreon will provide the best talent suitable for your project with an option of replacement in case.

Quick scale ups and downs.

No more long, complicated and burdensome recruitment process. No more headaches with wrong choices. Just add or remove more resources depending on the workload and project deadlines.

Transfer the expertise to your Inhouse team

No more long trainings, bad practices and poor implementation. Just transfer the expertise and knowledge to your team by using Oreon's Outsource Staffing service.

THE Process

Make a Request

Tell us more about your needs and project expectations. We have a wide pool of candidates and tools to select from that can improve your project.

Candidate Approval

We will be providing the talents that fit with your project to set up interviews. Interview and select your preferred candidates from a rich list of experts shortlisted by our specialists, or you can leave the determination on us, as well.

Engagement & Setup

We will work together to optimize your team structure, set up a team or add additional resource. Our specialists will help in maintaining the right balance between expertise and costs.

Final Results

  • Broad industry and technology expertise with proven experience
  • Further Suggestions on tools, schemes and solutions.
  • Oreon guarantees Successful outcome and business growth.