What is Enterprise Web Application?

In short, an enterprise web application is a web application specifically created for an organization, business, or group. The organization can be of many types from mid to large size, and typically this type of enterprise web application development is done mostly for government entities, businesses, schools, organizations, charities, but not limited to.

The main difference between an Enterprise web application and a normal website is the usage of a CMS or content management system. Due to the necessity to be robust enough to handle the wide-ranging requirements of an enterprise organization, there is a greater variety of tools and strategies involved when using Enterprise Content Management systems.

The Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system that is used for enterprise web applications includes several tools, components, integrations, and features to meet the vast requirements of various business needs and individuals like investors, partners, stakeholders, customers, suppliers. From architecting to general design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and keyword research and optimizations, brand identity generation, there is often a more professional need for behind the scenes components and integrations with other entities and systems of organization. Some enterprise web applications are designed to be used by internal business needs or employees, while a normal website is generally consumer-facing.

One of the biggest advantages of an enterprise website is the ability to have enterprise-level features, integrations, and facilities. It can accomplish much more and manage more aspects of your current and future business needs.

What are the Main Features of an Enterprise website?

  • Easy navigation for quick access to people’s needs.
  • Generate better leads and interest within inquiry forms, strategies, and techniques that are unique to the business.
  • Provide up-to-date and valuable content that does not only advertise the business products but also provides valuable information that the audience is looking (and maybe convert that information to profit or customer satisfaction). 
  • Responsive design for mobile-optimized navigation and should work with any device naturally.
  • Should be trackable and the tracks should be analyzed to boost business income. Analyzing Customer demographics, buying and navigation patterns, consumer behavior, can increase the effectiveness of marketing and marketing strategies.
  • Have a nicely defined Calls-to-Action strategy to encourage customers to initiate contact. Making it easy for customers to contact you or purchase your product or service through clear calls-to-action is one of the simplest ways to improve conversion rates.
  • Clearly points the business’s value proposition and selling products.

Oreon provides Enterprise web development services using Enterprise Content Management systems. Our Enterprise web application development process starts from analyzing and understanding your business process and needs, and create an engaging enterprise-level website that provides solutions to your business challenges while providing a better user experience.

Oreon‘s Main Enterprise Web Application Services

  • Brand Analysis
  • Market and Competitive Research
  • UI and UX design, development and Strategy
  • Content and marketing Strategy
  • Responsive Web Design and Application Development
  • Google Analytics and monitoring systems integrations
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO Audits and optimizations
  • Content creating and Management services
  • Database Creation, optimization, and maintenance services
  • Frontend development with Single page application frameworks and HTML5, backend development with popular backend languages like Java, NodeJS, Python, Php, and more.
  • Maintenance and support services

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